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Invoice for printing 20,000 copies of Bill Smith Letter 4 on Mississippi Central letterhead, April 20, 1944

This 4-page letter from the national president of The Allied Veterans Political Association of America defending Senator Theodore Bilbo against…

A letter typed in red ink to Congressman William Colmer from Waynesboro, Mississippi, citizen Otto Davis. The letter, in all capital letters, asks…

Letter from Floyd Herrington to Theodore Bilbo about a donation to his campaign and his work on addressing communism in the United States.

Memo to a company receiving copies of a Bill Smith Letter about distributing the letters to only white employees, May 15, 1944

Flyer for the March 23-24, 1962, Patriotic American Youth convention held in Jackson, Mississippi, at the Hotel Heidelberg. This was the first…

This broadside explains the beliefs and work of the Patriotic American Youth.

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