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06 Alan, Mike, JAG, Kathy, Jackie, Virginia Greene.jpeg
Presentation of portrait at Greene Hall dedication with Joseph A. Greene and family

Batman Challenged.pdf
Newsclipping of Joseph A. Greene playing a villain in Varsity Show, Batman

43-10-23 I Shall Soon Be a Civilian..pdf
Letter to family from Joseph A. Greene pending discharge

06 Berea Game Photo, JAG #12.jpeg
Joseph A. Greene playing on the Berea College varsity basketball game.

07 Military November 1943.jpeg
Joseph A. Greene in military uniform during World War II

38-09-14 Got to college. Janitor & Broom Factory Jobs.pdf
Letter to family from Joseph A. Greene sent from Berea College

38-05-15 to 21 Big Stone Gap Air Mail Envelope.jpg
Envelope to Big Stone Gap, Virginia via airmail.

Portrait plaque.jpg
Wall plaque for Portrait of Joseph A. Greene by Marshall Bouldin

Portrait r.jpg
Portrait of Joseph A. Greene, Founding Dean of the College of Business and Economic Development

Linen postcard depicting Joseph A. Greene Hall, exterior view
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