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Letter from the Parents' Choice Foundation information Tana of her winning the Parents' Choice Award for 1990. The text reads: Parents' Choice; a review of children's media; January 1990; Tana Hoban; c/o Greenwillow Books; 105 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10016; Dear Tana: On behalf of the board I am pleased and honored to tell you that OF COLORS AND THINGS has won a Parents' Choice Honor in Illustration. Your work is a fine contribution to the lives of children.Sincerely, Diana Huss Green; President; Parents' Choice; Parents' Choice Foundation; Box 185, Waban, Massachusetts 02168 - (617) 965-5913; Left side reads: Honorary Advisory Board; Julie Andrews, Actress; Barbra Bush, The White House<br />
Jeanne Chall, Reading Specialist, Harvard University; Robert Coles, M.D., Author; Benjamin DeMott, Critic, Amherst College; Kitty Dukakis, The State House, Massachusetts; Tess Harper, Actress; Julie Harries, Actress; David McCord, Poet; Edward James Olmos, Actor; Anne Pellowski, Director of Children's Cultures, U.N., e.o.; Advisory Board; Marilyn Apseloff, Kent State University; Norma Bagnall, Missouri Western State College; Andrea Bermudez University of Houston; Mary Burns, Framingham State College; Lonnie C. Carton, Psychologist; Elzbieta Chodakowska, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Rudolph F. Crew, Sacramento Public Schools; Barbara Elleman, Booklist, American Library Association; Sidney Green, M.D., Harvard University School of Medicine; Bette Greene, Writer; Mary Howard, University of Alabama; Irving Kaufman, M.D., Smith College ; Nancy Larrick, Writer; Fran Litman, Wheelock College; Kenneth R. Manning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; John McAleer, Boston College; Horace Newcomb, University of Texas; Marian Parry,; Artist, Radcliffe College; Claire rosenfield, Brown University; Isabel Schon, Arizona State University; Dorothy Singer, Yale University; James R. Squire, Publisher; Virginia Tashjian, Librarian; Jane Yolen, Writer; Debra M. Ziegelbaum, Esquire; Editorial Board; Editor-in-Chief: Diana Huss Green; Managing Editor: Maggie Russell; Art Director: Jan Morgan; PARENTS' CHOICE, a review of children's media- books, video, movies, audio recordings, toys, music, computer programs- is published by the Parents' Choice Foundation. Subscription 415 a year. Shipping Address 1191 Chestnut Street, Newton, MA 02164
A letter to Tana informing her of her book winning the Parent's Choice award in 1990.

Brightly colored transparency for the the book 'des couleurs et des choses' (English translation: Of Colors and Things" by Tana Hoban. The image shows a green mask with feathers, a chair, and a striped toy trumpet all on a bright yellow background.
Colorful transparency for the book "des couleurs et des choses" (English Translation: Of Colors and Things). The image shows an array of colorful items including a mask, a chair, and a toy trumpet.

Cover of "Seventeen" magazine published in 1950s. The picture shows a young woman holding an apple and smiling at the camera. The text reads: Seventeen; June 1950 - 25 Cents (30 cents in Canada); How to be Pretty Issue
A young woman with brown hair poses with an apple. The image is the cover of 'Seventeen' magazine.

Color transparency of the cover for Tana's book that reads:  Dots, Spots, Speckles, and Stripes by Tana Hoban. ; Image shows a woman in speckled feather mask making a face at the camera.
Colored transparency for the book 'Dots, Spots, Speckles, and Stripes."

A letter from The MacMillan company notifying children's booksellers about "Look Again" being featured on the popular children's show "Mister Roger's Neighborhood". The text reads as follows: The Macmillan Company; A Subsidiary of Crowell Collier and Macmillan, Inc.; 866 Third Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10022; Children's Book Department; March 26, 1971; Dear Juvenile Bookseller: On May 11 several million preschool children watching the popular TV show "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood", shown on 199 stations, will look at LOOK AGAIN!, a new book by Tana Hoban. Three days later they'll look again at LOOK AGAIN!; Mister Rogers uses this show-stopper of a book to demonstrate the enduring value of having good children's books around the house -- the kinds of books kids pick up again and again and continue seeing something new each time.<br />
The Kirkus Reviews put LOOK AGAIN! in orbit last month with their prepublication starred review. It is a book you are going to be hearing a lot about even without its double exposure on the prime rated "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood." If you haven seen it, order your copies today. It is a book we think you'll reorder again and again. Sincerely, (Mrs.) Janet Schulman, Marketing Director; JS/bh; P.S.     The only words in the entire book (aside from those on the copyright page) are on the dedication page: "To E., who taught me to see." Tana Hoban and her camera have created in LOOK AGAIN! a book that is going to teach all of us to see.
A letter from MacMillan to Tana Hoban about Mister Rodger covering her book 'Look Again' on his popular children's show.

A small girl with blonde hair hides behind a flower. The photograph's focus is on her eyes which is Tana's signature style.
A young girl with blonde hair hides behind a flower.

An advertisement for Red Cross Shoes. Text reads as followed: Designed for today's American Living; Red Cross Shoes; Featured in Canada as; Gold Cross Shoes; (Image top right corner) Galaxy; (Image bottom Left corner) Concerto; (Image Middle right) Handstitched; The versatile pump: perfect match for a busy autumn. These are the simply beautiful pumps that are destined to lead a thousand smart lives this autumn. And you'll love every fashionable-going moment in them. They're unbelievably soft and light and supple on their shapely mid-heels. And their famous Red Cross Shoe fit makes them feel every bit as beautiful as they look!; Largest selling brand of fine footwear in the world. Styles from $10.99 to $14.99; The United States Shoe Corporation, Cincinnati 7, Ohio. This product has no connection whatever with the American National Red Cross
An advertisement for Red Cross Shoes.

A darkened Image of dandelions, lines, and the word Mystery. Tana Hoban's name is at the bottom to the left of outlines of bags.
A sample cover created with a mysterious theme.

The cover of the Saturday Evening Post from December of 1941. Three mailboxes are lined up in the snow filled with colorful Christmas presents.
The cover of The Saturday Evening Post from December 1941.

Hand drawn sketch of the Jewish Daily Forward where Abraham Hoban worked. Picture is drawn using pencil and ink.
A hand drawn sketch of Abraham Hoban's work place.
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