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This is a detail from The Fifth Conspiracy in America, Authentic Map and Directory showing the states south of Kentucky. The map shows the locations of supposed communist, Nazi, and socialist headquarters and training facilities.

This 4-page letter from the national president of The Allied Veterans Political Association of America defending Senator Theodore Bilbo against attacks by communists during his campaign for senator. In addition, the letter provides a detailed…

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A letter typed in red ink to Congressman William Colmer from Waynesboro, Mississippi, citizen Otto Davis. The letter, in all capital letters, asks Colmer and others in Washington to "outlaw the communist party" and 'jail the reds."

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Letter from Floyd Herrington to Theodore Bilbo about a donation to his campaign and his work on addressing communism in the United States.

Letter to Illinois Congressman and HUAC chair, Harold Velde, from Hattiesburg, MS, resident L.E. Faulkner requesting information on members of the National Council of Churches' Translating Committee

Flyer, "I am your flag," was distributed by the Patriotic American Youth, circa 1960s-1970s.

Flyer, "The Price They Paid," was distributed by the Patriotic American Youth, circa 1960s-1970s.

Opening statement of Joe Hess, president of the college division of the Patriotic American Youth, in a debate on WLBT "Youth Speaks."
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