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Letter from John the Rankin to L. e. Faulkner on letterhead from the house of representatives, committee on veterans affairs<br />
<br />
81st Congress<br />
<br />
John E. Rankin, chairman<br />
<br />
House of representatives, U. S.<br />
Committee on veterans affairs<br />
Washington, D. See.<br />
August 30, 1950<br />
<br />
Mr. L. E. Faulkner, president,<br />
Mississippi central railroad company,<br />
Hattiesburg,<br />
MIssissippi.<br />
<br />
Dear Mr. Faulkner: -<br />
<br />
The copy of your letter to honorable John S Wood, chairman of the committee on un-American activities, has just been received.<br />
<br />
Let me say to you that if this country is saved from distraction at the hands of the enemies within our gates, the communist tools of foreign agents, the committee on un-American activities will be due more credit than any other agency others his government.<br />
<br />
It was my amendment to the rules in 1945 that saves the committee, or I might say created it as a standing committee of the house. I also gave it the power to report legislation, which power a special committee did not have.<br />
<br />
On yesterday, we passed a bill that would probably do more to stop the growth and activities of communism in this country than anything else that has ever been done
In this letter, Mississippi congressman John E. Rankin writes to Mississippi Central Railroad president L. E. Faulkner about how Rankin's amendment made the House on Un-American Activities Committee a permanent group. He also states that this…

A letter from L. Eat. Faulkner to Honorable Harold Beech. Velde. Space the letter is dated March 11, 1953.<br />
<br />
March 11, 1953<br />
<br />
Honorable Harold H. Velde, chairman<br />
Committee on un-American activities<br />
House of representative<br />
Washington, DC.<br />
<br />
Dear congressman Velde:<br />
<br />
Please refer to my letter to you  February 23, 1953, in which I requested information about the files of your committee regarding the following named persons, and kindly inform me if this information will be furnished:<br />
<br />
Dr. Cameron P. HALL<br />
Luther a. WEIGLE, Yale University, 1929<br />
Julius a. BEWER, union theological seminary, 1930<br />
Henry J. Cadbury, Harvard University, 1930<br />
Edgar J. Goodspeed, University of Chicago, 1930<br />
James Moffett, union theological seminary, 1934 to 1944 (deceased)<br />
William R. Taylor, University of Toronto, 1931 to 1951 (deceased)<br />
Walter Russell Bowie, union theological seminary, 1937<br />
George Dahl, Yale University, 1937<br />
Frederick C. Grant, union theological seminary, 1937<br />
William a. Erwin, University of Chicago, 1937<br />
William L. Sperry , Harvard university, 1937<br />
Leroy Waterman, University of Michigan, 1937<br />
Millar Burrows, Yale University, 1938<br />
Clarence T. Craig, Oberlin graduate school of theology, 1938<br />
Ardel R. Wentz, Lutheran theological seminary, Gettysburg, 1938<br />
Kyle M. Yates, Southern Baptist theological seminary, 1938<br />
William F. Albright, Johns Hopkins university, 1945<br />
J. Philip Hyatt, Vanderbilt University, 1945<br />
Herbert G. May, Oberlin graduate school of theology, 1945<br />
James Muilenburg, union theological seminary, 1945<br />
Harry M. 0RLINSKY, Jewish Institute of religion, New York, 1945<br />
Fleming James, university of the south, 1947<br />
<br />
I requested the same information from Mr. Thomas W Beale, senior., Clerk of your committee, under date of February 2, and I have no reply to my letter.<br />
<br />
Thanking you and with best wishes, I am<br />
<br />
Sincerely,<br />
<br />
Here there is a red stamp with the words copy (signed) L. E. Faulkner<br />
<br />
BCC: honor roll WM Colmee – I may need your help in securing the information I requested in my letter of February 23 to congressman Velde. For your personal information, I am enclosing a copy of my letter of February 23.
A letter from L.E. Faulkner to Congressman Harold H. Velde asking for the Committee on Un-American Activities files on a list of professors from around the United States.
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