Patriotic American Youth's Purposes and Policy


Patriotic American Youth's Purposes and Policy


This broadside explains the beliefs and work of the Patriotic American Youth.


Patriotic American Youth


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Patriotic American Youth




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Broadside with red and blue banners on the rights and left of the page. In red lettering at the top of the page is Patriotic American youth purposes and policy. Below that reads<br />
<br />
To have an organization of young people who are primarily interested in maintaining the form of government as conceived by our forefathers and set forth in the constitution of the United States of America.<br />
<br />
To provide document reports from security sources that will instruct the youth of our nation on the current dangers that threaten our local state and national governments.<br />
<br />
To develop our students into informed and active leaders who will be able to give other students and the public the truth regarding the communist conspiracy to dominate the world.<br />
<br />
To encourage students to become informed and interested in the field of government administration to those who desire to enter that feel professionally special attention and assistance is given.<br />
<br />
We propose to expose the truth about communism it’s history background purposes and fallacies.<br />
<br />
PAY is wholly non-partisan and will take no part in the promotion or the cause of any political party or any candidate for public office.<br />
<br />
It is our sincere desire to place emphasis upon patriotism and loyalty to our country. To demonstrate that our form of government and our way of life with the freedoms of religion speech press etc. so far excel over the Soviet way that no true comparison can be made.<br />
<br />
To explain and teach the free enterprise system and its contributions to the American people the system must be understood and maintained if America is to stay free.<br />
<br />
To emphasize more fully our belief in God to maintain our right to home ownership and to continue our form of constitutional government.



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