Letter to Congressman Harold H. Velde from L.E. Faulkner, March 11, 1953.


Letter to Congressman Harold H. Velde from L.E. Faulkner, March 11, 1953.


A letter from L.E. Faulkner to Congressman Harold H. Velde asking for the Committee on Un-American Activities files on a list of professors from around the United States.


Louis Edward Faulkner (1883-1961)


L.E. Faulkner Papers, M22, Historical Manuscripts, Special Collections, The University of Southern Mississippi Libraries.


Louis Edward Faulkner (1883-1961)


24 March 1953


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A letter from L. Eat. Faulkner to Honorable Harold Beech. Velde. Space the letter is dated March 11, 1953.<br />
<br />
March 11, 1953<br />
<br />
Honorable Harold H. Velde, chairman<br />
Committee on un-American activities<br />
House of representative<br />
Washington, DC.<br />
<br />
Dear congressman Velde:<br />
<br />
Please refer to my letter to you  February 23, 1953, in which I requested information about the files of your committee regarding the following named persons, and kindly inform me if this information will be furnished:<br />
<br />
Dr. Cameron P. HALL<br />
Luther a. WEIGLE, Yale University, 1929<br />
Julius a. BEWER, union theological seminary, 1930<br />
Henry J. Cadbury, Harvard University, 1930<br />
Edgar J. Goodspeed, University of Chicago, 1930<br />
James Moffett, union theological seminary, 1934 to 1944 (deceased)<br />
William R. Taylor, University of Toronto, 1931 to 1951 (deceased)<br />
Walter Russell Bowie, union theological seminary, 1937<br />
George Dahl, Yale University, 1937<br />
Frederick C. Grant, union theological seminary, 1937<br />
William a. Erwin, University of Chicago, 1937<br />
William L. Sperry , Harvard university, 1937<br />
Leroy Waterman, University of Michigan, 1937<br />
Millar Burrows, Yale University, 1938<br />
Clarence T. Craig, Oberlin graduate school of theology, 1938<br />
Ardel R. Wentz, Lutheran theological seminary, Gettysburg, 1938<br />
Kyle M. Yates, Southern Baptist theological seminary, 1938<br />
William F. Albright, Johns Hopkins university, 1945<br />
J. Philip Hyatt, Vanderbilt University, 1945<br />
Herbert G. May, Oberlin graduate school of theology, 1945<br />
James Muilenburg, union theological seminary, 1945<br />
Harry M. 0RLINSKY, Jewish Institute of religion, New York, 1945<br />
Fleming James, university of the south, 1947<br />
<br />
I requested the same information from Mr. Thomas W Beale, senior., Clerk of your committee, under date of February 2, and I have no reply to my letter.<br />
<br />
Thanking you and with best wishes, I am<br />
<br />
Sincerely,<br />
<br />
Here there is a red stamp with the words copy (signed) L. E. Faulkner<br />
<br />
BCC: honor roll WM Colmee – I may need your help in securing the information I requested in my letter of February 23 to congressman Velde. For your personal information, I am enclosing a copy of my letter of February 23.


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