These are resources that reside in the Mississippiana Collection in Special Collections at the University of Southern Mississippi.

Collection Items

Campaign Brochure, Mississippi's Senior United States Senator Theodore G. Bilbo
Campaign brochure for Theodore G. Bilbo for his run for United States Senate.

Flyer, I Am Your Flag
The flyer "I am your flag" was distributed by the Patriotic American Youth, circa 1960s-1970s.

Conference Program, All American Forum V presented by Patriotic American Youth
Program for the All American Forum V entitled "Our Internal Security," presented by the Patriotic American Youth at the University of Southern Mississippi on 9-15 June 1974.

Patriotic American Youth convention flyer
Flyer for the March 23-24, 1962, Patriotic American Youth convention held in Jackson, Mississippi, at the Hotel Heidelberg. This was the first conference held by the organization.

Plaque from the Sam E. Woods Room, Special Collections, University of Southern Mississippi
This plaque provides a brief overview of the life of Sam E. Woods.
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