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Light yellow cover for Manhattan Women's Political Caucus brochure.  Text in bold caps reads, "WHAT MORE DO WOMEN WANT?" Below that text quote from Rep. Bella Abzug reads, "We want what we still haven't got: full equality for women with men in social, legal, economic and political institutions. - Rep. Bella Abzug".  Below that in bold caps text reads "HOW CAN WE GET IT?"<br />
Below that text quote from Rep. Shirley Chisholm reads, "The time for token and symbolic gesture is past.  Women need to plunge into the world of politics and battle it out toe to toe..."  The text below reads "Join the manhattan women's political caucus".  There is a graphic with the symbol for women with an apple enclosed in the circle of the symbol.
Front cover for Manhattan Women's Political Caucus Brochure

Brochure Cover for Congress of Racial Equality, Rules for Action.<br />
<br />
The left half of the brochure cover is orange which looks like it's been partially painted on.   Speckles of orange intersect with the right side.   The right side is white.  There is a graphic of Ghandi's head in the upper left corner looking down toward the center graphic of a stylized sunburst in orange gray and white.  Text across the starburst reads: "CORE Rules for ACTION.  Text at the  bottom reads, "Congress of Racial Equality 38 Park Row, New York 38, New York.
Cover of brochure for Council of Racial Equality, New York, NY - CORE Rules for Action

Brochure Front Cover.  At the top is a graphic of the State of Mississippi with marked areas separating designating areas of the entire state by sections one through five.  To the right of the graphic, the text reads "Council of Federated Organizations".   Below that is a photograph of a black man in an agricultural field wearing a straw hat and a work shirt.  He has a cigarette in his mouth and looks thoughtfully at the camera.  Below him, the text reads, "MISSISSIPPI FREEDOM SUMMER"
Brochure for Mississippi Freedom Summer 1964 explaining programs and activities.
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