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Image: A large group of women are locked in arms and chanting  in the streets of a large city<br />
Sisterhood is the basis of the American Women’s Movement.  It is women helping women, listening, finding trust and support from each other, talking openly about their own lives.  Women are still, everywhere, the single poorest group in any society.  Society rests on the unpaid and underpaid labour of women.  When people see themselves whole, not as “the others”—not certainly as half of humanity—they resist their exploitation.  We must succeed in no longer defining ourselves by the criteria men have set for us, because in fact men define themselves positively—in contrast to these very standards.  We have stopped consenting to our own oppression.  We have built and are building a changing vital, simple movement which cannot be stopped.  We have done it all ourselves as we have learned to share our strength.<br />
	I was surprised to find what Indians have heard about America and the Women’s Movement.  I’m told that “Americans are suffering a total breakdown of their personalities and society, chaos, sexual license, bursting mental hospitals, violence and divorce.”  Surely it must be raining fire back home.  I am told the Women’s Movement wants to destroy all beauty and is destroying the authority of family (Who is the family?  Are men the family?), causing social dislocation in the West and neglecting the care of <br />
16 Youth Times March 7, 1975
1975 Article in the Youth Times of India, "We Never Burned a Bra" written by Sheila Michaels

Light yellow cover for Manhattan Women's Political Caucus brochure.  Text in bold caps reads, "WHAT MORE DO WOMEN WANT?" Below that text quote from Rep. Bella Abzug reads, "We want what we still haven't got: full equality for women with men in social, legal, economic and political institutions. - Rep. Bella Abzug".  Below that in bold caps text reads "HOW CAN WE GET IT?"<br />
Below that text quote from Rep. Shirley Chisholm reads, "The time for token and symbolic gesture is past.  Women need to plunge into the world of politics and battle it out toe to toe..."  The text below reads "Join the manhattan women's political caucus".  There is a graphic with the symbol for women with an apple enclosed in the circle of the symbol.
Front cover for Manhattan Women's Political Caucus Brochure

Bright yellow sticker with text in bold red lower case letters "this exploits women".
Yellow sticker with red text "This Exploits Women" which could be adhered to advertising or promotion materials that exploited women.

Three women talk behind a table laden with books. Additional boxes sit on the ground under the table. Two signs sit on an easel to the right of the table.  The one on the left is white. There is a section that reads "1st THINGS 1st" and the bottom of the sign reads "BOOKS FOR WOMEN FE-MAIL ORDER HOUSE". The sign to the right has an image of Sojourner Truth against a red background with illegible writing on it. There is a parking lot in the background with buses and people walking around.
Photo of a First Things First Books for Women table at an event in Washington, D.C.

Handwritten poem called bucking for a raise<br />
<br />
but dear<br />
he's got a<br />
PhD<br />
10 years less experience<br />
and the right thing dangling <br />
between his legs...<br />
<br />
couldn't expect someone <br />
with one of those<br />
to live on 12 thousand <br />
dollars a year...<br />
<br />
after all, <br />
care and feeding one of them<br />
danglies<br />
must be a whole lot more than for<br />
your six-year-old.<br />
<br />
Susan Sojourner<br />
8 October 1978
A poem written by Susan Sojourner on the topic of the gender pay gap between men and women in the workforce.

<br />
to judy bee<br />
assistant to the director<br />
or even assistant director:<br />
<br />
is it the nature of the job<br />
or of the overseers<br />
that makes us women-under-men<br />
be always seen over?<br />
<br />
our work is always <br />
subsumed<br />
under their names - - <br />
Even When We Get To Sign Our Own<br />
at the bottom.<br />
<br />
and, the bottom line<br />
has a funny way of <br />
moving down<br />
once a woman's name is on it.<br />
<br />
susan sojourner <br />
24  may 1978
A poem written by Susan Sojourner on the expectations on women in the workforce.

Typed poem titled motherhood<br />
<br />
is disbelieving <br />
that you're really<br />
old enough or wise<br />
or together enough<br />
to be<br />
left<br />
alone <br />
with this life.<br />
<br />
susan sojourner<br />
april 1977
A poem written by Susan Sojourner on her thoughts about motherhood.

Typed poem<br />
<br />
Malechildren get in the way<br />
of serious feminists<br />
especially lesbian-feminists:<br />
(line break)<br />
I get depressed <br />
when I think of the future.<br />
<br />
I get depressed <br />
when I think.<br />
<br />
I get depressed.<br />
<br />
Today with my baby<br />
I realize that<br />
Tomorrow and tomorrow<br />
he'll be bigger and bigger, <br />
more manly every day...<br />
<br />
the enemy.<br />
<br />
NO!<br />
<br />
a greek tragedy<br />
in a 1978 world.<br />
<br />
clytemnestra mama susan (sojourner)<br />
22 june 1978
A poem written by Susan Sojourner on her thoughts towards lesbian-feminist separatism against mothers who have sons.

Page 1 of typed poem titled claudia<br />
<br />
claudia didn't get fired for being a lesbian though the idea certainly disgusted george her immediate "superior" harold the personnel director and christina her old college chum whose belief that such proclivities were unhealthy was shared by her colleagues.<br />
<br />
claudia did not get fired for being too fat overweight to the point of massive<br />
<br />
though the chairman knew something was wrong with the new girl being assigned to the front office right outside his door (with senior staff men grimacing in joking astonishment at her size).<br />
<br />
and claudia didn't get fired for being a psychic hearing other voices seeing auras <br />
<br />
she only brought that to the office when asked -- they'd arrange a session over lunch in an empty office (for pay) (a professional psychic).<br />
<br />
but it was only with believers and not the reason claudia was fired.
A poem written by Susan Sojourner about a lesbian female worker named Claudia who was fired from her job.

A typed, yellow, square membership card for the National Organization for Women, Inc.  Susan Sojourner signed as the member, Wilma Scott Heide as national president, and Madeleine Rast as national treasurer. The expiration date is listed as 12/31/1973. The text reads "This is to certify that the undersigned is a member in good standing of the National Organization for Women, Inc. (NOW), a civil rights organization of men and women working actively to bring women into full participation in the mainstream of American society NOW. "
A yellow square membership card for the National Organization for Women (NOW).
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