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Brochure Front Cover.  At the top is a graphic of the State of Mississippi with marked areas separating designating areas of the entire state by sections one through five.  To the right of the graphic, the text reads "Council of Federated Organizations".   Below that is a photograph of a black man in an agricultural field wearing a straw hat and a work shirt.  He has a cigarette in his mouth and looks thoughtfully at the camera.  Below him, the text reads, "MISSISSIPPI FREEDOM SUMMER"
Brochure for Mississippi Freedom Summer 1964 explaining programs and activities.

Cover of a brochure published by the council of Federated organizations about their work-study project. In the top area there is a diagram of the state of Mississippi divided into five sections. The main picture of the brochure cover is a young African-American man with a hat reading the book the kings wish.
Pamphlet with information about a work-study program coordinated by the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and Tougaloo College, whereby 30 Tougaloo students per year could work to register voters and also attend classes.
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