A Portrait . . .

06 Alan, Mike, JAG, Kathy, Jackie, Virginia Greene.jpeg

Professor Greene with children Alan, Mike, Kathy, Jackie and wife, Virginia at unveiling of portrait, April 28, 1985.

As Dr. Greene planned to step down as dean at the close of the 1985 academic year, University administration, faculty, and alumni sought to commemorate his extraordinary thirty-six-year tenure with the renaming of the College of Building Administration’s building. Originally constructed in 1968, Dr. Greene wrote of it in Memoirs, "It exemplifies my tenure as Dean, for I planned it in every detail to get the most benefit out of the limited funds available."

Portrait r.jpg

Portrait of Dr. Joseph A. Greene by Marshall Bouldin III, 1985

Hearing of the plans, former student, Lloyd Brinkman, President of LBD Corp in Texas, commissioned an official portrait by Mississippi artist Marshall Bouldin III. Born in the Delta town of Dundee, Bouldin attended the Art Institute of Chicago before returning to Mississippi in the 1950s. His portraits brought him national fame. His work has entered more than 400 collections and has been exhibited widely, including at the White House and US Capitol. In addition to Dr. Greene, he painted the Nixon daughters, Ronald McNair, and Mississippians William Faulkner, John C. Stennis, and William Winter.