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Printed text along the top reads "Maize: A Lesbian Country Magazine . Spring 1994" This cover features a sketch of a lesbian farmer sitting on top of an overturned metal tub holding a basket surrounded by nature. The name "Jennifer Weston" is typed at the bottom right of the sketch. "Susan Sojourner p20" is written at the very top of the page in green ink.
A bi-yearly magazine that discusses lesbian culture, relationships, and creative writing, and more.

Yellow newsletter with typed text and a drawing of a woman in profile wearing a kerchief on her head with her hair in a side braid. Text reads "Introducing The Liberty Cap. Contents: The Liberty Cap: A Monthly Bibliography-Newsletter of Recently Published, Non-stereotyped Children's Books & Resources. 1. The Bibliography: Approximately 50 books are listed each month. The following data is given for each title: publishing information; an annotation; the opinion and reference to professional reviews; and the editor's evaluation, if she has read that title. The reviews are mainly cited from: School Library Journal, The Horn Book Magazine, The New York Times Book Review and Virginia Kirkus, Inc. 2. A listing of articles, books, bibliographies, catalogs, and newsletters which contain information on sexism, racism, and human liberation in children's literature and publishing. 3. Book reviews by the editor. <br />
Selection Policy:<br />
The Liberty Cap contains titles for pre-schoolers to young adults. The fiction selected must appear to portray (from the reviews or the editor's reading) females and males of all races as individual human beings, free of stereotyping and prejudicial myths. The non-fiction includes: biographies and histories of females of all races; biographies and histories of males who have furthered the cause of human liberation; books which discuss career information and social justice; and poetry by and about females and minorities. In short, the bibliography is an affirmative action approach to reading, acknowledging the very existence of all women and minority men. <br />
Editor Enid Davis<br />
The Liberty Cap is a one-woman operation. The editor is Enid Davis. Qualifications: Master's degree in library science from Pratt Institute, N.Y.; B.A. in English Literature from the City University of N.Y.; five years' experience in children's public library work; lecturer on sexism in children's literature; storyteller at a local women's bookstore; and founder of the Palo Alto Chapter of The National Organization for Women, Inc. (NOW). <br />
Critics???<br />
**I congratulate you on the fine critical job you're doing with The Liberty Cap. The newsletter is both interesting and constructive. You have all our good wishes for success** Pat Ross, Editor Alfred A. Knoph, Inc<br />
**The first number  promises well for future issues - a wonderful gift for thoughtful parents!**The Spokeswoman<br />
**We received your new bibliography, The Liberty Cap, and applaud it and you!** Brett Harvey, The Feminist Press.<br />
**The grape vine was correct. I think The Liberty Cap is a fine resource.** Barbara Sprung, Women's Action Alliance<br />
****Subscribed to by MS Magazine, The Interracial Council on Books for Children, The National Foundation for the Improvement of Education, etc.* <br />
$<br />
The Liberty Cap: Six monthly issues, $4.00. Prepaid orders. Single copies, 75 cents. Mail checks to: 1050 Newell Rd. Palo Alto, Ca. 94303"
A monthly bibliography and newsletter that discusses non-stereotyped children's literature and resources.

Printed text at the top reads "Lesbian Mother's National Defese Fund Newsletter Mom's Apple Pie". The bottom text reads "July/August 1979". In the center of the image is a copy image of a long-haired girl in a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. She is up the trunk of a tree crouched on a branch looking down and clutching a rope that has been looped over one of branches she is balancing on. She is appearing to help pull someone or something up the tree by the rope.
A newsletter that focuses on lesbian mothers' struggles, advice, support, services, and creative writing.

Cover of a newsletter. Printed text at top reads "Desperate Living a lesbian newsletter". Under that text is a sketch of three people with their backs to the viewer. They are wearing jackets that say "Desperate Living" with pants and shoes. The person in the middle has their arms around the shoulders of the two on either side. Text under the sketch reads "July-August Issue Vol. 1 Issue 2 " In the center under the sketch is a poem by Brook titled I Wish I Had a Wine Red Apple Here to Fondle and Bite. Text reads "I hide in the kitchen under the table watching everybody from a fetal position with the cookie crumbs and the old mad ghosts with jagged edges which haven't been dusted off, put aside in glass cases for everyone to look at. People go by and don't notice. I pinch their toes when they stick their feet under the table. The ghosts and I laugh and scream to ourselves. After everyone has passed to the gallery we dance on top of the kitchen table and bang frying pans on our heads."
A Baltimore-based lesbian newsletter that focuses on news, community events, creative writing, and organizations.

Matching image of crescent moon against wheat stalks on top left at top right of image with text reading "Motheroot Journal" in between. Under that reads "a women's review of small presses vol. 3 no. 1 Spring, 1981 $1.25". The article is a review by Melanie Perish of a story  titled "A CRACK IN TIME" by Miesje Jolley. The image imbedded in the article is the drawing of a woman seated with black splattered across her torso and under her, covering her legs below the lower thighs. Her left hand is clutching the side of the black shape she is sitting in.
An independent publication focused on feminist and women-based presses and works.
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