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Printed text at the top reads "Lesbian Mother's National Defese Fund Newsletter Mom's Apple Pie". The bottom text reads "July/August 1979". In the center of the image is a copy image of a long-haired girl in a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. She is up the trunk of a tree crouched on a branch looking down and clutching a rope that has been looped over one of branches she is balancing on. She is appearing to help pull someone or something up the tree by the rope.
A newsletter that focuses on lesbian mothers' struggles, advice, support, services, and creative writing.

Typed poem<br />
<br />
Malechildren get in the way<br />
of serious feminists<br />
especially lesbian-feminists:<br />
(line break)<br />
I get depressed <br />
when I think of the future.<br />
<br />
I get depressed <br />
when I think.<br />
<br />
I get depressed.<br />
<br />
Today with my baby<br />
I realize that<br />
Tomorrow and tomorrow<br />
he'll be bigger and bigger, <br />
more manly every day...<br />
<br />
the enemy.<br />
<br />
NO!<br />
<br />
a greek tragedy<br />
in a 1978 world.<br />
<br />
clytemnestra mama susan (sojourner)<br />
22 june 1978
A poem written by Susan Sojourner on her thoughts towards lesbian-feminist separatism against mothers who have sons.

Typed poem titled motherhood<br />
<br />
is disbelieving <br />
that you're really<br />
old enough or wise<br />
or together enough<br />
to be<br />
left<br />
alone <br />
with this life.<br />
<br />
susan sojourner<br />
april 1977
A poem written by Susan Sojourner on her thoughts about motherhood.
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