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Sheila Michaels Collection

Sheila Michaels circa 1990s stares straight at the camera with a serious face.  She is standing on a rocky coastline with her back to a body of water.  Land is visible beyond the water.  Her hair is short, she is wearing an olive-colored heavy coat, glasses, and black and silver earrings,  and holding a bouquet of wildflowers.  A light green shoulder strap is across her body with a button that reads "WAR IS TERRORISM".

Sheila Michaels was passionate about fighting for and protecting the rights of others.  Through her work as a writer/editor who traveled extensively, she worked in the civil rights movement, the women’s movement, and as a scholar of Jewish biblical women.  She was a defender of the oppressed and exploited. 

The items in this online exhibit center around Ms. Michael’s life and her devotion to bringing to light injustice in the world.  

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Susan Hasalo Sojourner Collection

A woman, Susan Sojourner, walks across a hand-crafted, wooden plank bridge in a wooded area. She is holding a glass bottle drink and papers in one arm and is smiling at the camera. She is wearing boots, pants, a sweater, and coat.

Susan Hasalo Sojourner fought tirelessly for social justice throughout her life, from civil rights in Holmes County, Mississippi to women’s liberation and LGBTQ+ rights during her years in Washington D.C. and Duluth, Minnesota. She had a passion for activism and was a dedicated volunteer in anti-war movements and environmental causes.

The items in this online exhibit highlight various aspects of Sue's life and her passion for activism and writing. The materials featured in this online exhibit are located in Special Collections at The University of Southern Mississippi.

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