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Sheila Michaels Collection

Sheila Michaels circa 1990s stares straight at the camera with a serious face.  She is standing on a rocky coastline with her back to a body of water.  Land is visible beyond the water.  Her hair is short, she is wearing an olive-colored heavy coat, glasses, and black and silver earrings,  and holding a bouquet of wildflowers.  A light green shoulder strap is across her body with a button that reads "WAR IS TERRORISM".

Sheila Michaels was passionate about fighting for and protecting the rights of others.  Through her work as a writer/editor who traveled extensively, she worked in the civil rights movement, the women’s movement, and as a scholar of Jewish biblical women.  She was a defender of the oppressed and exploited. 

The items in this online exhibit center around Ms. Michael’s life and her devotion to bringing to light injustice in the world.  

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