Sexuality Questionnaire - National Organization for Women


Sexuality Questionnaire - National Organization for Women


Feminism, Lesbian culture


A sexuality questionnaire from the National Organization for Women, N.Y.C. Chapter for the Feminist Sexuality Project. When unfolded, the rainbow print shows two women embracing.


Susan Hasalo Sojourner Collection, M539, Historical Manuscripts, Special Collections, The University of Southern Mississippi Libraries.


circa late 1960s to 1980s


Copyright owned by the National Organization for Women N.Y.C. Chapter.







Original Format

Printed questionnaire


A sexuality questionnaire for the Feminist Sexuality Project. From the National Organization for Women, N.Y.C. Chapter, 28 East 56 St NYC 10022.  (212) 832-2955. <br />
<br />
There is a feminine symbol with the equal sign inside it then text:<br />
"Sexuality Questionnaire<br />
The purpose of this questionnaire is to try to understand ourselves better, both collectively and individually. On the one hand, asking your-self-these questions is a good way to get further acquainted with your sexual feelings, and on the other hand, it is wonderful to hear what other women are thinking and feeling about the same things -- especially since we never talk about them. The results will be published as a general discussion of what was said, with a few statistics, and a lot of quotes, like a giant 'rap session' on paper.<br />
The questionnaire is anonymous, so don't sign it. If any questions do not apply to you, just write 'non-applicable'. Please use a separate sheet of paper and number your answers accordingly. Don't feel that you have to answer every single question (although we would really like it if you did it). You can skip around and answer the ones that interest you -- just let us hear from you!<br />
Please return questionnaires to Shere Hite, Feminist Sexuality Project, National Organization for Women, 28 East 56 St., New York, New York 10022."<br />
Behind the text is color impressions in shades of pink and green that combine to form the image of a woman sleeping with a hand by her head. The viewer can see her head and the top of what appears to be a turtleneck sweater. There also appears to be another figure in the outer edges of the image.


“Sexuality Questionnaire - National Organization for Women,” Online Exhibits at Southern Miss, accessed June 17, 2024,

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