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Front cover of The rambler, in four volumes.
Published semi-weekly from Mar. 20, 1750, to Mar. 14, 1752. This image shows the front cover of The Rambler half bound in leather with paste paper sides.

Image: A large group of women are locked in arms and chanting  in the streets of a large city<br />
Sisterhood is the basis of the American Women’s Movement.  It is women helping women, listening, finding trust and support from each other, talking openly about their own lives.  Women are still, everywhere, the single poorest group in any society.  Society rests on the unpaid and underpaid labour of women.  When people see themselves whole, not as “the others”—not certainly as half of humanity—they resist their exploitation.  We must succeed in no longer defining ourselves by the criteria men have set for us, because in fact men define themselves positively—in contrast to these very standards.  We have stopped consenting to our own oppression.  We have built and are building a changing vital, simple movement which cannot be stopped.  We have done it all ourselves as we have learned to share our strength.<br />
	I was surprised to find what Indians have heard about America and the Women’s Movement.  I’m told that “Americans are suffering a total breakdown of their personalities and society, chaos, sexual license, bursting mental hospitals, violence and divorce.”  Surely it must be raining fire back home.  I am told the Women’s Movement wants to destroy all beauty and is destroying the authority of family (Who is the family?  Are men the family?), causing social dislocation in the West and neglecting the care of <br />
16 Youth Times March 7, 1975
1975 Article in the Youth Times of India, "We Never Burned a Bra" written by Sheila Michaels
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