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left page shows five pictures of the director of the marching band and majoretttes. Picture on left is a compilation of five images of the field show during halftime where the band spells out MSC for Mississippi Southern College.
Two-page spread about the football halftime show. The left page features photographs from the Mississippi Southern College marching band. The right page shows a collage of five pictures showing the band in the midst of the halftime show.

Picture of a beauty queen by a swimming pool. A list of the games for the basketball schedule for spring 1954. The right page includes pictures of 4 football players and advertisements for local businesses and the Hattiesburg Police Department.
Two pages from a 1953 football program that features a beauty queen from Mississippi Southern College. To the right of the picture is a list of the basketball schedule. Four football players are featured on the right page with advertisements from a…

A page from a 1953 football program that covers athletics eligibility to play sports at Mississippi Southern College. According to the document, "we print this here because of the unfair rumors that have been circulated in some quarters by some who are apparently envious of the college's great success." Pictures of the campus are found below the text.
A page from the October 3, 1953 football program about how someone becomes eligible to play sports at Mississippi Southern College.

Essay from the November 22, 1952 football program about the history of Mississippi Southern College. A picture of Dr. RC Cook is in the top left.
Overview of the history of Mississippi Southern College found in the November 22, 1952 MSC football program.

Two pages from a 1951 football program. One page shows 6  local advertisements, and the other page features a picture of the Mississippi Southern Majorettes and the MSC athletic staff.
Two pages from the September 27, 1952 football program for Mississippi Southern College. One page shows local advertisements with the facing page featuring pictures of Mississippi Southern's Lovely Majorettes and Mississippi Southern Athletic Staff.

Mississippi Southern College basketball schedule for 1952-1953  with a list of players and coaches.
1952-53 basketball schedule found in the November 28, 1951 football program for Mississippi Southern College.
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