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Envelope of light blue Surat Udara Aerogramme, from Sheila Michaels to Mr. & Mrs. H.H. Kessler.  There is blue, yellow and green stamp with foliage and butterflies in the upper right corner of the receiver section that has been postmarked and a picture of an ornate building with palm trees in the lower right section of the receiver section.  Text below the building, reads “Mayasia”. The receiving address reads “Mr. & Mrs. H.H. Kessler #7 Dromara Road. St. Louis County, Missouri 63124 U.S.A.”  The sender address reads “Sheila Michaels 3 Meyer Place Singapore 15”.  Three images of Malaysian ceremonial life are on the left side of the sender section.  The bottom right of the sender section reads “Surat Udara Tiado Boleh Mengandungi APA – APA Lampiran Pun, Jika Di Dapatiada Akan Dikenakan Bayaran Lebih Atau Pun Dikirimkan Dengan Mel Biasa”
Letter written by Sheila Michaels in Singapore to her parents in the United States.
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