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Sheila Michaels circa 1945 sits at a booth table in a  Chinese restaurant with her parents and another man.  There is a partial view of a Chinese tapestry on the wall behind them that depicts  an elderly Chinese man wearing an ornate kimono.  There are china dishes with an Asian pattern and a teapot and condiments on their tables.  The man closest to the wall is wearing a suit and smoking a cigarette.  Sheila's mother sits across from him and is wearing a dress and a printed headscarf.  She is smiling.  Sheila sits next to her and is wearing a plaid jumper with a white blouse with baby doll sleeves and a Peter Pan collar.   She looks timidly at the camera.  Her father sitting across from her is wearing a suit and smiling at the camera.
Black and white photograph of Sheila Michaels, her mother and stepfather, and one unknown gentlemen dining in a Chinese restaurant circa 1940s.
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