"getting gay" Poem


"getting gay" Poem




A poem written by Susan Sojourner on the topics of sexuality, self-identity, and social justice.


Susan Hasalo Sojourner Collection, M539, Historical Manuscripts, Special Collections, The University of Southern Mississippi Libraries.




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Page 1 of a typed poem titled getting gay<br />
<br />
unlike coming out -- <br />
a political stance<br />
zeroes in<br />
on the totally personal <br />
part<br />
being a self acknowledgement<br />
of one's gayness<br />
getting gay <br />
a self acceptance<br />
acceptance of self<br />
a getting ones self<br />
together on another level <br />
of consciousness<br />
<br />
a level of consciousness <br />
--a gate to expansion<br />
each time i've reached<br />
a new level<br />
it caused total<br />
re-examination of my past<br />
in the light of this new level<br />
<br />
just as getting gay is<br />
a swinging in closer to the personal<br />
--another different closer to self<br />
level of the coming out process
Page two of typed poem titled getting gay<br />
<br />
so too<br />
has my experience in adult process<br />
been a swinging closer<br />
to personal self<br />
<br />
I joined the civil rights movement<br />
arriving at a level of consciousness<br />
which forced an entire re-appraisal<br />
re-examination of<br />
my public political life<br />
of me as an american white<br />
wondering whether a history<br />
that left out all the blacks<br />
could really be accepted <br />
anywhere<br />
and about me who had lived that<br />
white middleclass life--<br />
so limited<br />
not even being aware of <br />
the limitations<br />
<br />
the wimmins movement<br />
--closer to the personal <br />
but the political being part of the personal
Page 3 of a typed poem titled getting gay<br />
<br />
as a woman in this society<br />
culture--<br />
it caused me<br />
to re-examine all my<br />
sexist assumptions<br />
as i worked in the civil rights movement<br />
how i subsumed under men<br />
how my language was filled with the unconscious he<br />
that i cannot begin to tolerate now<br />
which then i didn't notice<br />
who was i then?<br />
<br />
Now getting gay<br />
zeroes closer to my<br />
nether bone<br />
for it is my personal & political<br />
causes me to re-examine all kinds of personal history<br />
that assumed heterosexuality in everything<br />
<br />
i see all in the new light of the new level of consciousness<br />
suddenly understanding the attraction to tensions with <br />
lisa mary all manner of important women in my life <br />
a life limited yet not even aware of the limitations<br />
who was i then?<br />
and now?<br />
different?<br />
how?<br />
getting gay////////getting closer to the core. 5-19-75<br />
sue sojourner


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