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Envelope of light blue Indian Aerogramme, from Sheila Michaels to Mr. & Mrs. H.H. Kessler. There is a dark blue rhino stamp in the lower left corner of the receiver section and an Indian red plane stamp in the upper right corner that has been postmarked. There are red and dark blue stripes around the border and between the receiver and sender address sections. The receiving address reads "Mr. & Mrs. H.H. Kessler #7 Dromara Road St. Louis, Missouri U.S.A.". The sender address reads "Sheila Michaels c/o Pask Restoute, GPO. Delhi, India". Text written along the left side of the sender section reads "They (illegible) to the gods here & eat it - that for your (illegible) testimonials."
Letter from Sheila Michaels in Delhi India to her parents in the United States.

CLEVELAND, OHIO 44122<br />
<br />
5 Tevet 5742<br />
December 31, 1981<br />
<br />
Ms. Sheila Michaels<br />
87 Columbia Street<br />
New York, NY 10002<br />
<br />
Dear Sheila:<br />
<br />
Your letter was a joy to receive and it awakened memories -- in retrospect it was a peak experience.  It was good to see the names of other "alumni" as well.  I open feel we really turned Mississippi around.<br />
<br />
Good luck and may 1982  bring you peace and blessings.<br />
<br />
Cordially,<br />
[signature]<br />
Rabbi Arthur J. Lelyveld<br />
<br />
December 31, 1981 letter from Rabbi Lelyveld to Sheila Michaels regarding Civil Rights Movement reunion and thoughts about movement.
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