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This clipping covers Bilbo's address on the senate floor addressing the call for him to resign. Bilbo, blaming interference from the Communist Party, states his refusal to step down from his position as a United States senator.

Cover of a vellum book from 1695 about seals, rings, and gems. 
This book, Abrahami Gorlaei Antverpiani Dactyliothecae, seu Annulorum sigillarium quorum apud priscos tam Graecos quam Romanos usus, ex ferro, aere, argento & auro promptuarii, is bound in vellum with engravings throughout of seals, rings, and gems.

Holy Family with St. Anne and St. Joachim
Woodcut of the Holy Family with St. Anne and St. Joachim.

Portrait r.jpg
Portrait of Joseph A. Greene, Founding Dean of the College of Business and Economic Development

Information about the 2016 EJK Book Award.
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