Letter from G.B. Denham to L.E. Faulkner, December 13, 1945.


Letter from G.B. Denham to L.E. Faulkner, December 13, 1945.


G.B. Denham


L.E. Faulkner Papers, M22, Box 2, Folder 2, Historical Manuscripts, Special Collections, The University of Southern Mississippi Libraries.




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Letter written to L. E. Faulkner from GB denham on December 13, 1945. The letter is written on Faulkner concrete pipe company letterhead based in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.<br />
<br />
The letter written on December 13, 1945 reads:<br />
<br />
Mr. LE Faulkner, vice president, Mississippi central railroad Hattiesburg, Mississippi.<br />
<br />
Dear Mr. Faulkner:<br />
<br />
There is no basis at all for the article in the Hattiesburg Merrick and of December 11 in titled, “principal denies weekly is read“. Neither Mr. Wallace nor Mr. Blair would permit the teaching of communism or socialistic doctrine in the school.<br />
<br />
The basis of a name citizen subjection seems to have been a biographical sketch of senator Wagner and some other socialistic communistic person whose name I do not recall. Such articles appear in all news weeklies at all news dailies, and very often in the Hattiesburg American. I think it is another case of Andy harm in having popped off without justification. I sometimes think Andy’s main object in life is to stir up strife in the community.<br />
<br />
The board of trustees would not permit on American doctrines to be taught in the schools. We do not, however attempt to review are any course of instruction, because we do not feel competent to do so.<br />
<br />
I am asking Mr. Blair to give you the date requested in your letter, and I am sure he will do so in the near future.<br />
<br />
Sincerely,<br />
<br />
GB Denham


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