Resolution Against Communism


Resolution Against Communism


Grenada County Chapter, Mississippi State Society, Daughters of the American Revolution


William M. Colmer Papers, M24, Historical Manuscripts, Special Collections, The University of Southern Mississippi Libraries.


Grenada County Chapter, Mississippi State Society, Daughters of the American Revolution


16 January 1951


Lowndes County Plan
Mrs. John Rundle
W. O. Semmes


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The following resolutions were adopted by citizens in Grenada, Mississippi, assembled under the sponsorship of the Lowndes county plan state project of the Mississippi Society Daughters of the American Revolution at the conclusion of an address on communism by Mrs. BL Parkinson of Columbus, Mississippi, January 16, 1951.<br />
<br />
Whereas, the avowed aim of communism is to make the whole world a Soviet Union with Moscow as its capital; and<br />
<br />
Whereas, communists are now working tirelessly to set up their ideology in our own country and are succeeding to an alarming degree; and<br />
<br />
<br />
Whereas, their methods of propaganda are so scientific and subtle that our American groups both public and private are infiltrated and poisoned without recognizing what is taking place; and<br />
<br />
Whereas, our people generally are unaware of the inroads already made by dangerous communistic doctrines in labor groups, race groups, youth groups, and religious groups; and<br />
<br />
Whereas, communist now have access to centers, executive, scientific, and industrial that are vital to our national defense; be it<br />
<br />
Resolved, that we recognize the world aim of communism as very real and very perilous; and be it<br />
<br />
Resolved, that we meet zeal for communism with greater zeal for representative government, that we know better our privileges and blessings as American citizens and that we point these out diligently to those we meet; and be it<br />
<br />
Resolved, that we inform ourselves of communistic methods of infiltration and indoctrination and that we expose these methods whereever we have opportunity; and be it<br />
<br />
Resolved, that we work aggressively to arouse every citizen to the threat that communism poses to his personal safety and the American way of life; and be it<br />
<br />
Resolved, that all known communists and there’s sympathizer should be interned in concentration camps until such time as the president and Congress may determine that they are not harmful to our national security; and be it<br />
<br />
Resolved, That copies of these resolutions be sent to the local press, our congressmen, and United States senators, the committee on un-American activities, and chairman of national defense committee of the national Society daughters of the American Revolution.<br />
<br />
Resolutions committee<br />
 Grenada county chapter<br />
 Lowndes county plan<br />
 Mrs. John Rundle <br />
Rodney E Defenbaugh <br />
WO Semmes


Grenada County Chapter, Mississippi State Society, Daughters of the American Revolution, “Resolution Against Communism,” Online Exhibits at Southern Miss, accessed June 14, 2024,

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