Flyer, Attention Citizens of Greenwood and Surrounding Area


Flyer, Attention Citizens of Greenwood and Surrounding Area


Flyer accusing Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party of communist behavior.


"A Local Civic Group"


Citizen's Council/Civil Rights Collection, M99, Historical Manuscripts, Special Collections, The University of Southern Mississippi Libraries.




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A broadside with the Attention in bold bubble letters at the top of the sheet. The item reads<br />
<br />
Attention citizens of Greenwood and surrounding area<br />
The revolutionary forces at work in this area have begun a boycott of certain business establishments in the city of Greenwood.<br />
<br />
This useless troublemaking agitation is being sponsored by a group of draft card burning disloyal pro communist riffraff known as the Mississippi freedom Democratic Party it’s local prime mover is a nigger preacher who runs a shoe repair business on Johnson Street. JD Collins has prospered in Greenwood and he is repaying this town for its goodness to him by trying to destroy it<br />
<br />
We have the manpower and the willpower to remove the scum from the streets but we do not wish to bring this type of trouble to the good name of our fair city. We will not stoop to the level of the trash who seek to promote chaos in our city.<br />
<br />
There are several things which we ask all good citizens both white and colored to do to counteract these troublemakers.<br />
<br />
They picked the time of the year when business is generally slow so as to impress their gullible followers with the success of their efforts. We should all make a special effort to be on the streets of downtown Greenwood as much as possible so as to put the lie to their claims of success. Law-enforcement officials and responsible private citizens will be on hand to see to it that everyone is protected on our city streets.<br />
<br />
The primary object of this so-called boycott is the liberty cash grocery owned by Mr. Sam Killebrew. Mr. Killebrew has been more tolerant with the colored element of his trade and almost any other businessman in town and some of them are rewarding him by trying to destroy his business. Neither he nor in any other businessman can meet the impossible demands of this nefarious group. We should all make a special effort to do some of our grocery buying at the store.<br />
<br />
Any effort at intimidation by this sorry element against any citizen white or colored should be reported to the law or to any responsible citizen and appropriate action will be taken.<br />
<br />
This is communism in action the end justifies the means and they only succeed where ignorance and timidity prevail.<br />
<br />
We worn this group who is not only our enemy but the enemy of all good citizens of this area not to misinterpret our intentions. We are and will remain equipped and ready for any eventuality.<br />
<br />
You can help bust the boycott written printed distributed by a local Civic group


"A Local Civic Group", “Flyer, Attention Citizens of Greenwood and Surrounding Area,” Online Exhibits at Southern Miss, accessed July 17, 2024,

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