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Paper certificate for exceptional service during World War II awarded to Madge Burney from the American Red Cross.<br />
<br />
The American National Red Cross<br />
<br />
Mrs. John Tackett Burney<br />
<br />
In recognition of meritorious personal service performed in behalf of the nation, her armed forces, and suffering humanity in the Second World War. <br />
<br />
Chapter Chairman <br />
C. H. Russell<br />
Issued August 1945<br />
Chapter<br />
Wayne County<br />
<br />
Harry Truman<br />
President<br />
<br />
Basil O'Laurens<br />
Madge Burney was awarded this certificate for exceptional service in the American Red Cross during World War II.

Diplomat Sam Woods descends the steps from an Eastern Air Lines airplane.
This black and white photograph shows Sam Woods walking down the stairs from an Eastern Air Line plane. In the background is the silver plane with a flight attendant in the open door. Mr. Woods is wearing a double breasted suit with a white shirt and…
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