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[Hebrew Star of David Graphic] Congregation Beth Simchat Torah<br />
BOX 1270 NEW YORK, N.Y. 10016 [Hebrew Star of David Graphic]<br />
<br />
SIVAN/ TAMUZ  5748/ JUNE 1988<br />
<br />
The Friday night Oneg program on April 15 was a forum on the New York State Democratic Presidential Primary.  Oneg Committee Bruce Lynn invited the three active candidates to participate, and each campaign sent a representative.  Carol Bellamy, former President of the New York City Council and now an investment banker, represented the campaign of Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis.  Sheldon Ranz, a member of Jewish-Americans for Jackson ’88, spoke for the campaign of Reverend Jesse Jackson.  The third speaker was Michael Veit, one of the state chairmen for the campaign of Tennessee Senator Albert Gore, Jr.  CBST Board member Art Leonard was moderator for the program.<br />
<br />
Each of the representatives presented a brief opening statement on behalf of his or her candidate, and the floor was thrown open for questions, which ranged over a wide variety of topics, including nuclear power and the environment, the Middle East, the economy, and lesbian and gay rights.  All three representatives stated that their candidates would support a national gay rights bill, although Mr. Veit acknowledged that Senator Gore is not a co-sponsor of the bill now pending in Congress.<br />
Questioned about Governor Dukakis’ controversial position on the rights of gays to be foster parents, Ms. Bellamy stated that she disagreed with the governor on this issue, but believed that, overall, his experience in government and support for gay rights legislation in Massachusetts weighed in his favor.<br />
Much of the questioning was directed to Mr. Ranz, who attempted to explain why, in his view, members of the CBST should be supporting the Jackson campaign.  He emphasized the candidate’s positions on gay issues, and asserted that many of Jackson’s positions on the Middle East situation were shared by vocal elements in Israel and the American Jewish community.  Most of the audience did not appear particularly convinced by his arguments.<br />
In the election held April 19, Governor Dukakis captured a majority of the votes and delegates statewide.  Reverend Jackson obtained about 37% of the votes, but carried three New York City boroughs.  Senator Gore received about 10% of the vote and was apparently eliminated from further consideration as a candidate for President.<br />
CBST does not endorse political candidates.  Our policy has been to invite all candidates in contested races affecting our community to speak in a forum setting so that our members and guests will have an opportunity to become informed on the candidates’ positions before they vote.  We hope to provide similar forums in the fall, when there will be important contested races for the Presidency, congressional seats, and the state legislature.<br />
Arthur S. Leonard<br />
<br />
April 21, 1988<br />
His Excellency Sir Antony Acland<br />
British Ambassador<br />
British Embassy<br />
3100 Massachusetts Avenue, NW<br />
Washington, DC 20008<br />
Excellency:<br />
As the Chair of the Board of Trustees of Congregation Beth Simchat Torah, New York’s Gay and Lesbian Synagogue, I am writing to protest in the strongest possible terms the enactment of Clause 29 of the Local Government Bill.  This legislation, the open ended text of which would prohibit local authorities from participating in the  “promotion of homosexuality,” is nothing more than legalized discrimation again Gay men and Lesbians.  As Jews, committed to the Biblical command to seek justice and relieve the oppressed (Isaiah 1:17), we cannot decry this legislation too strenuously.<br />
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[Box with text] Special Congregational Meeting<br />
Friday June 17<br />
8:00 PM<br />
To Vote on New 7-Year Lease
Congregation Beth Simchat Torah Gay & Lesbian Synagogue News from June 1988
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