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A form letter.  Handwritten entries within brackets.<br />
[October 21]<br />
Dear [Sheila Michaels]:<br />
This note serves as confirmation that on [November 23] you have been scheduled to:<br />
be a Service Leader (English; directions)<br />
be a Ba'al Tefillah (Hebrew; singing)<br />
(with _______________;  Drash:___________________)<br />
X deliver a Drash (weekly Torah portion: [Vayetze]) <br />
(Service Leaders: [Not yet assigned])<br />
Other: ___________________<br />
If this information is not correct, please notify: <br />
Jack Greenburg<br />
201/865-0360 or 212/640-4009<br />
immediately (or a Religious Committee member who is responsible for your participation). If you cannot fulfill your commitment, it is your responsibility to notify the above person as soon as possible and to help find a replacement. <br />
The Synagogue thanks you for volunteering for services. <br />
[Jack]<br />
For the Religious Committee<br />
Please note:<br />
Please remind the service leaders that you are delivering the Drash. A copy of your Drash would be appreciated for the CBST archives. Enclosed is a copy of the formalized Draft guidelines.<br />
[Please review your completed drash with Harry  Lutrin and me by November 9.]
Form used to serve as confirmation of Sheila Michaels delivering a midrash at Beth Simchat Torah Temple.
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