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A pink identification card for a French school.  Handwritten entries within brackets.  <br />
<br />
Ecole de l'Alliance Francaise<br />
19[69] - 19[70]<br />
To the right of the text is a photograph of Sheila Michaels with her hair pulled back looking to the left. <br />
 There is a stamped seal covering some of the text and photo.<br />
<br />
Annee 19[ ] - 19[ ]<br />
NOM [Madamoiselle Michaels<br />
Prenom [Sheila]<br />
Nationalite [US]<br />
CARTE D'ETUDIANT Le Directeur<br />
No 003200<br />
To the right of the number is a stamped seal with an illegible signature.
Sheila Michaels identification card for French language school in Paris, France in 1969-1970.

A drawing of a Paris bridge at night.
A drawing on paper of a bridge in Paris. Below the bridge are various boats. It appears to depict an evening scene.
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