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A letter to Tana informing her of her book winning the Parent's Choice award in 1990.

Colorful transparency for the book "des couleurs et des choses" (English Translation: Of Colors and Things). The image shows an array of colorful…

A young woman with brown hair poses with an apple. The image is the cover of 'Seventeen' magazine.

Colored transparency for the book 'Dots, Spots, Speckles, and Stripes."

A letter from MacMillan to Tana Hoban about Mister Rodger covering her book 'Look Again' on his popular children's show.

A young girl with blonde hair hides behind a flower.

An advertisement for Red Cross Shoes.

A sample cover created with a mysterious theme.

The cover of The Saturday Evening Post from December 1941.

A hand drawn sketch of Abraham Hoban's work place.

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