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Detail of the map key from The Fifth Column Conspiracy in America, Authentic Map and Directory. A map of communist, Nazi, and Fascist headquarters in the United States, compiled and edited by Joseph P. Kamp and A. Cloyd Gill in 1941.

This is a detail from The Fifth Conspiracy in America, Authentic Map and Directory showing the states south of Kentucky. The map shows the locations of supposed communist, Nazi, and socialist headquarters and training facilities.

clipping bilbo.jpg
This clipping covers Bilbo's address on the senate floor addressing the call for him to resign. Bilbo, blaming interference from the Communist Party, states his refusal to step down from his position as a United States senator.

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In this letter, Mississippi congressman John E. Rankin writes to Mississippi Central Railroad president L. E. Faulkner about how Rankin's amendment made the House on Un-American Activities Committee a permanent group. He also states that this…

This 4-page letter from the national president of The Allied Veterans Political Association of America defending Senator Theodore Bilbo against attacks by communists during his campaign for senator. In addition, the letter provides a detailed…
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