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Seeing Red: Anti-Communism Efforts in Mississippi, 1944-1968

Cover of a folded map with white and black lettering on a red background. Symbols for Nazism, Fascism, and Communism are found in addition to the following text. <br />
The Fifth<br />
Column<br />
Conspiracy<br />
in<br />
America<br />
Authentic<br />
Map and <br />
Directory<br />
Price twenty-five cents

During and after World War II, Americans were fearful of communism infiltrating the United States and altering their ways of life. To combat this fear, citizens and the local/state/federal government organized anti-communism efforts to inform the public about possible communist activities on national and local levels. 

The items in this online exhibit highlight various aspects of the anti-communism efforts in Mississippi. The materials featured in this online exhibit are located in Special Collections at the University of Southern Mississippi. 

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