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de Grummond Collection

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Blue Slant-top Desk
Miniature blue, wooden slant-top desk with removable drawer.

Kitchen Cupboard
North Shore dresser. Red paint. Made by Seth Tudor, through Gene Bourne. This is a copy of the full-size cupboard in Tasha’s kitchen at Corgi Cottage. The provenance file contains a two-page detailed drawing, to scale, with description, in Seth’s…

Tudor Place (full light)
The Secret Tudor Place dollhouse with full exhibit room light.

Tudor Place (low light)
The Secret Tudor Place dollhouse with interior lights on and exhibit room lights off.

USM with dollhouse through window
A photograph of the Secret Tudor Place through the window of the exhibit room. A University of Southern Mississippi logo adorns the door.

Cast-iron Cook Stove
Cast iron cook stove. "Little Fanny." Identical to the one in Tasha’s dollhouse in Williamsburg. Tasha’s children used to place it on the hearth and cook bacon for the cat.

Natasha Burgess (doll)
Doll. Bisque. "Natasha Burgess." Made by Tasha Tudor in the 1950s and fired by dollmaker Martha Thompson. Tasha made three of these dolls. The other two became Madonnas in Tasha’s Christmas creches. One was exhibited at Colonial Williamsburg in 1996…

Beatrix Potter's Bronze Rabbits
Box, black with enameled flowers: Contents include a letter from Leslie Linder, Beatrix Potter’s biographer, to Tasha’s doll, Melissa Dora Crane. Gift of Tasha Tudor.

Framed Crewelwork Cornucopia
Crewelwork cornucopia, done by Tasha Tudor's grandmother; gift of Tasha Tudor.

Tudor Place Dollhouse Bedroom
Dollhouse bedroom with various miniature contents.
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