Rare Books (General Special Collections)


Rare Books (General Special Collections)


These are resources that reside in the Rare Book (General Special Collections) Collection in Special Collections at the University of Southern Mississippi.

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Cover of a vellum book from 1695 about seals, rings, and gems.
This book, Abrahami Gorlaei Antverpiani Dactyliothecae, seu Annulorum sigillarium quorum apud priscos tam Graecos quam Romanos usus, ex ferro, aere, argento & auro promptuarii, is bound in vellum with engravings throughout of seals, rings, and gems.

Letters on the subject of the Catholics, to my brother Abraham, who lives in the country
This book explores issues relating to Ireland's independence from Great Britain as well as the status of the Catholic Church in Ireland.

Die wahre Andacht zu Gott samt dazu gehörige Betrachtung für eifrige Christen
Holograph manuscript with hand-drawn colored illustrations; written in a bound blank book.

Julii Obsequentis De prodigiis liber
Full vellum binding with J. Thelmier Bibliophile written at the top of the book.
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