Rare Books (General Special Collections)


Rare Books (General Special Collections)


These are resources that reside in the Rare Book (General Special Collections) Collection in Special Collections at the University of Southern Mississippi.

Collection Items

Novelas ejemplares de Miguel Cervantes Saavedra
1852 edition of samples of the novels of Cervantes. This shows the cover of the book with a leather binding and a paste paper cover with red, green, yellow, and brown inks.

Iesu Christi, D.N., Nouu[m] Testamentu[m] Graece & Latine
The book has brown marbled paper boards with vellum quarter bindings and corners and blue speckled edges.

The rambler, in four volumes
Published semi-weekly from Mar. 20, 1750, to Mar. 14, 1752. This image shows the front cover of The Rambler half bound in leather with paste paper sides.

Sopplimento delle croniche vniuersali del mondo
This book is bound with limp vellum. There are some scribbles on the cover of the book.

Julii Obsequentis De prodigiis liber
Full vellum binding with J. Thelmier Bibliophile written at the top of the book.

Die wahre Andacht zu Gott samt dazu gehörige Betrachtung für eifrige Christen
Holograph manuscript with hand-drawn colored illustrations; written in a bound blank book.
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